Reports and Letters

Impeachment Hearings

Nunes Opening Statement for Yovanovitch Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Kent and Taylor Hearing on Impeachment

Ground Truth - Impeachment 101

Ground Truth - Irregular Channels

Ground Truth - Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Ground Truth - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent

Ground Truth - Ambassador William Taylor

Ukraine Depositions

Ms. Jennifer Williams deposition

Ms. Jennifer Williams testimony key points

Mr. Tim Morrison deposition

Mr. Tim Morrison testimony key points

Mr. Christopher Anderson deposition

Ms. Catherine Croft deposition

Deputy Assistant Secretary Laura Cooper deposition

Deputy Assistant Secretary Laura Cooper testimony key points

Dr. Fiona Hill deposition

Dr. Fiona Hill testimony key points

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman deposition

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman testimony key points

Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent deposition

Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent testimony key points

Ambassador William Taylor deposition

Ambassador William Taylor testimony key points

Ambassador Kurt Volker deposition

Ambassador Kurt Volker testimony key points

Ambassador Gordon Sondland deposition

Ambassador Gordon Sondland testimony key points

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch deposition

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testimony key points

Ambassador Michael McKinley deposition

Ambassador Michael McKinley testimony key points

Russia Report

Russia Report

Russia Report Findings and Recommendations

Audio of Full Russia Report

Audio of Russia Report Individual Chapters

Audio of Full Russia Report: Youtube

Investigation Parameters

Investigation by the Numbers

Need for Urgent Action on Election Security


HPSCI FISA Memo Key Points

HPSCI FISA Memo Charge and Response

Democrat Memo Key Points

Democrat Memo Charge and Response

FISA TItle I Summary

Glenn Simpson November 8 Testimony

Glenn Simpson November 14 Testimony

Erik Prince Testimony

Carter Page Testimony


Letter from White House outlining the Intelligence Community's Concerns with the Democrat Memo

Letter to DNI on unmasking legislation

Letter to DNI requesting info on cyberattacks

Letter to SecDef and DNI about reported recommendation to remove NSA Director

Letter to FBI Director requesting additional info on FBI Clinton email probe

Letter to President warning of Russia nuke violations

Letter to State Dep't IG requesting immediate removal of Under Secretary Kennedy

Letter to Sec. of State requesting immediate removal of Under Secretary Kennedy

Letter to IC officials urging faster declassification of bin Laden documents

Letter to President urging him not to pardon Edward Snowden

Letter to President expressing objections to latest GITMO release

Letter requesting fresh look at Iran intelligence

Majority Member letter on GITMO 5

HPSCI Republicans call for new chairman


Executive summary of DIA Report

Russia Report

Snowden Report

Executive summary of Snowden Report

Snowden Report highlights

Highlights of GAO JIAC Reports

Background on GAO Phase Two JIAC Report

Initial Findings of the JTF on U.S. Central Command Intelligence Analysis

Nat Sec issues posed by Huawei and ZTE

Executive summary of the 2005 FBI-CIA joint assessment on Saudi Government support for terrorism

Declassified "28 Pages" from 9/11 report