Gangs of cyber criminals, sometimes supported by hostile governments, are increasing their attacks on U.S. networks and American businesses. The wave of assaults is a national security threat that is costing our economy billions of dollars and compromising American citizens’ personal and financial information. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is acting to mitigate this growing problem by advancing a bill, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (H.R. 1560), that will encourage businesses and the federal government to share information on known cyber threats. More information on the bill is available at the links below. 

Cybersecurity Act of 2015, as in Omnibus

Bill Text

Joint Explanatory Statement

Myth vs. Fact

The Protecting Cyber Networks Act (H.R. 1560)

Bill Text as Reported

Mark-up Transcript

Floor Manager's Amendment

Chairman Floor Statement

Bill Statement

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Myth vs. Fact


Letters of Support

Cyber Hearing, March 19, 2015

Cyber Hearing, Sep. 10, 2015